The studio operates on an international level with a strong expertise in trend forecasting and product design. With his team, Edwin develops customized trend presentations to inspire and inform management, design, research/development, marketing/communication and sales. The core business of the studio is to guide and assist the client during the entire design process.  



We offer:

  • analysis and translation of fashion and lifestyles into forecasting trends
  • customized mood boards for specific end-use
  • inspiring colour ranges and harmonies
  • fabric research for construction, appearance and performance
  • guidance on innovative prints and patterns
  • product design, including product development guidance
  • illustrations of key silhouettes
  • guidance and strategies for the development of brand identities
  • visual communication through graphics and photography

Our service includes full marketing toolkits like PowerPoint presentations, handouts and presentation manuals.



Based on the experiences and professional expertise of the team – derived from their work within the textile, fashion and design industry, their trend forecasting and market study – the studio has developed ‘education programmes’. These programmes offer theory in combination with personalized workshops and seminars, to meet the needs of an individual employer or a student, and/or a specific event or topic.


Within EYE ON FASHION we guide the client step-by-step during the process of translating fashion trends into products. Our educational programme consists of the following chapters: history of fashion, trend forecasting, fabric development, apparel design, visual merchandising and brand identity.

Learn from the past, live in the present and create the future.
— Lorrin L. Lee / designer & author

Within EYE ON INNOVATION we enter the world of innovative textiles, focussing on health, fashion, travel and design. Our educational programme consists of the following chapters: history of technical textiles, trend research, material development, product design, marketing and brand strategy.